Our History

Marianna Culp is the Chief Founding Officer who created this program as
a grassroots project. Learning in all capacities should be exciting and fun!
The program was created to allow others to move forward at their own
pace. Our approach has been successful and in turn, their loyalty
compliments everything that we do today!

We're excited that you've chosen to visit us!!!

Colorful Buttons Inc. is a registered non-profit organization. We specialize
in a vast array of educational and professional development from
beginners to scholars and far beyond. All individuals from multiple  
backgrounds are more than welcome to become a part of our growth.
We've been working diligently since 20

The program has been instrumental with helping individuals within our
surrounding communities, in and out of state as well as those who are
from other countries!
          Our products and services are authentic!
Phone: 704-497-5203
CEO: Marianna Culp
Phone: 704-497-5203